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Laut Xilinx Vivado

Support for Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite HLx Editions

TRACE32®, the world leading debug tool from Lauterbach, now includes integration with the Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite

Hoehenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn – February 2017 – Lauterbach, the leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools announce that they have added an additional integration to their popular TRACE32® debug tool. This new integration allows the Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite to share the Lauterbach JTAG connection to Zynq®-7000 or Zynq® UltraScale+™ SoCs.

In addition to the entire set of TRACE32® advanced debug features users can now take advantage of the powerful diagnostic features and FPGA programming capabilities of Vivado® as well as analyzing internal FPGA signals via the Integrated Logic Analyzer. All of these tools can be used concurrently utilising a shared connection provided by the Lauterbach hardware. TRACE32® provides complete software debug support for ARM® Cortex® based processors as well as MicroBlazeTM soft cores running stand-alone or in a multi-core system. With support for over 50 embedded real-time operating systems, MMU awareness and hypervisor support, TRACE32® allows developers to debug any part of the system from a single easy to use interface.

Says Barry Lock, Lauterbachs´ UK Sales Manager “This is the breakthrough that some of our customers have been waiting for; the ability to debug hardware and software in parallel. We feel this integration offers developers an un-paralleled level of visibility into an embedded system and should enable them to produce better quality systems in a more timely fashion.”

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